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Ones marked with a '+' are recent

Text-only forwards:
Wanna know your REAL IQ? Click!

It happens only in America...

A few Sardar jokes

Short story: The Window

How to best annoy other people!

The untold truth about engineering...

Expressions made popular by NS Sidhu: "Sidhuisms"!

If the Titanic were made in India...

Rules for women by us: Men's Rules!

How well do your friends know you? Take this questionnaire.

All depends on one's perspective!!!

Short but touching: Heaven's Grocery Store

Personality evaluation from birthdate.

FW: Project...Revision!

Don't judge a person...

Say "I Love You" in a hundred languages.

False love signs!

The meaning of life...

+ The rules for Bedroom Golf

+ Bumper sticker philosophy (great sayings!)

+ The cynic's guide to life

+ Facts of life

+ The A - Z of friendship

+ The Best Icq Away Messages.. (don't know what icq is? go to

+ If it weren't for TV...

+ Witty keychain quotations

+ How to tell if a cow has the MADCOW disease...(Word format)

+ My Son

+ Things to think about...

+ Viagra Spinoffs

+ Wisdom for the ages

+ Management lessons (!) by way of parables


Forwards with images:

Fun with illusions

Features we all need!

Just for laughs

Every monkey has his day!

Careful you don't do anything to deserve THIS!

A bra (!) designed by a man would be something like...

+ It ain't easy bein' a...

+ Honesty on the internet

+ The many faces of Bill Clinton

+ What does Microsoft have in store for us?

+ Will you call this 'safe' sex?

+ No! I said, 'Spectacles!'

+ Does everyone like viagra?

+ An UNEVEN suntan(!) looks like...

+ A funny (vulgar) cartoon (aren't they all!) heh heh.

+ The 'BabyMaker' ???



A short funny movie in .mpg format (338kb)



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