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The Anarchy C00kb00k

Everything you possibly might need in way of information to do something illegal is given in this document. Making a bomb will be a cakewalk after you've read this! Handle with discretion and extreme caution. Since The Anarchy Cookbook is available for d/l free on the net anyways, I thought I might as well have it here! Needless to say, I am not to be held personally responsible for any damage occuring due to misuse of information provided here. This text is for educational purposes only. (yeah, right!) BE CAREFUL!
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The Guitar Chords Database

Every guitar player's chord dictionary. The ultimate reference tool. Lists the formation of chords, including some diminished ones too. A must-have for any guitar player, whether amateur, or professional.
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Miscellaneous information about countries:

Common Name | Complete Name | Two-letter Code | Capital - This table lists the common country name by which we know the country, the complete official name, the official two-letter code given to the country, and the capital of the country, in that order.
Extension | Country - This article lists the known domain name extensions alphabetically, together with the country which they stand for. (for eg. in yahoo.com.au, .au is the extension, which indicates that the server is located in Australia.)
English Name | French Name | Two-letter Code - Lists the good ol' English name, the French name, which is used in a lot of UN meetings (and so is kinda useful...), and the two-letter code as mentioned above.

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The Complete Doors' Lyrics | The Complete Led Zeppelin lyrics

(Both in HTML format, part of this site itself.)



The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Longish poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge (plain text).



Guitar Soloing Basics Lessons:

Basically everything you need to start developing your very own solos on the guitar. Very useful for budding guitarists. Divided into four sections for easier understanding.
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Changing Chords

Having trouble changing to and from the "simple" beginner's chords? Maybe this is the perfect article for you!

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