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Welcome to the Mohit Deshpande homepage! Here, you will find a lot of interesting stuff for the casual internet surfer. This page contains a brief introduction to each of the other pages contained as a part of this site, and a few credits, as well. There is a guestbook, which is a recent addition to the site. It can be accessed from any of the main pages (look at the bottom end). This is so I can get feedback quickly and easily about what you think of the site in general, or any specific page / element. I strongly urge you to go through the whole site to see if you find anything to your specific interest here. Oh yes, if you like something about this site, please take the time to make an entry in the guestbook. It will be greatly appreciated. Let's get down to the page descriptions before you start getting bored.

HOMEPAGE: The current page. Contains a brief explanation for each of the pages contained in this site, and credits.

CONTACT ME: Contains information on the various ways you can get in touch with me, in case you're interested in telling me about the site; or to make additions to it, and so on.

NEWS: As hte name implies, this page contains regularly updated news stories. There are four sections: International News, Sports News, Science & Technology and Music News (of course!).

LINKS: This section contains links which you might find interesting, or useful, or both. It may be that the links that I select might not appeal to you at all. Discretion is advised.

THE DOORS: The Doors were one of the most controversial groups of the late sixties, and indeed, possibly of all time. In any case, they happen to be my favourite band. So, here is a brief piece on what got them started off as a band and about their roller-coaster ride to fame (or is it infamy?). Also, here are some links about The Doors which may be of interest to you.

GUITAR TABS: Here you will find guitar tablatures to some of the most well-known songs of their time. These songs have been very popular with guitar players at one time or the other. True classics.

SEARCH: All of us have used search engines at one time or the other for finding relevant information on the net. Some of the most popular search engines are reviewed on this page, to help you select the best one for you.

E-BOOKS: On this page, you will find electronic texts of some of the very popular classics of all time, including authors like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Jules Verne, and even Mein Kampf by Adolph Hitler. These books are, as far as I know, easily downloadable anywhere in the free(!) world, without any legal problems.

ARTICLES: This section contains some miscellaneous articles on a whole range of subjects including, but definitely not limited to, things such as making bombs and even poetry. Generally useful page; check it out.

FORWARDS: E-mail forwards don't ever go out of fashion or circulation, do they? Here you will find some of the more popular ones to be found on the net today. Easily the most fun part of the whole site. Updated regularly. If you have any specific stuff to be put up here, send me it [sic]!


Credits and acknowledgements:

I wish to thank the following individuals/sites for providing me with a wealth of free material to design the site with.

BRAVENET - For the redirection url (

FLASH BUTTONS - For the great flash navigation bar that you see at the top of the page.

THE COUNTER - The free webcounter.

DREAM BOOK - For the great free guestbook.

THE ONLINE BOOKS PAGE ( - For offering free downloads some great classics. Most of the e-books were taken from this site.

YAHOO! AND YAHOO! GEOCITIES - For the hourly updated news pages, and, of course, the free webspace.

THE SEARCH ENGINE WATCH - For most of the information on the Search page.

JOSEPH GUIDA for all of the Doors' pics at this site.

~*MYSTIQ*~, PIAZZA, AMIT, NEYHA, KAREN, SNEHAL, and NOORIE for lots of the forwards that you see.

Max Bell, acknowledged authority on The Doors, for the marvellously written introduction. I have no idea what his contact address is. Any help would be appreciated greatly.

The ULTIMATE GUITAR ARCHIVE and The ON-LINE GUITAR ARCHIVE for the guitar tablature.


This site is updated (reasonably) frequently. Please come back soon. Thank you.

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